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Car Lockout

Car Lockout Service in Silver Lake and Los Angeles

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In need of car lockout roadside service in Silver Lake, CA? We have the pro tools to get you back in!

Attempting to unlock a car by yourself can cause injury and even damage to your vehicle. Car locks are designed to be difficult to unlock, therefore without technical knowledge, using brute force can cause damage to the door. In the event you manage to recover your keys, an immobilizer system might be initialized which will leave your vehicle unable to start. Every car model is unique and thus the doors have to be unlocked in different ways. Our car unlocks experts have extensive knowledge in car door unlock methods, and they will work well for your specific vehicles. Our technicians employ different techniques to help drivers obtain their keys. For instance, they can pry open doors without damaging them, lock-picking, or cut new keys if necessary.

car lockout

Unlock Your Car Door, No Hassles

Now, you can think of Towing as your local reliable towing company that also specializes in car locksmith solutions. We understand that car lockout situations can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, especially if you are alone with no help in sight. Today, many cars are operated using a special remote key that functions via a microchip and transponder system to increase security. However, the increase in security comes with added expenses if a key is lost or locked inside the car.

Many customers think that their remote keys and transponder keys can only be handled by the dealership, but our technicians can not only replace car key battery, perform transponder key programming, but they can do this at your location! This saves you money on unnecessary towing and you can trust that our technicians will have the most up to date and sophisticated tools and computers to make any repairs or replacements with the highest accuracy.

Professional Roadside Assistance

Our team of technicians has the knowledge and the training to know how to handle all types of locks. This includes the training and experience to know how to handle any key problems that may happen.

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